Preserving and Celebrating the History of Minnesota Masonry

Freemasonry has played a major role in the state of Minnesota. In virtually every industry, every development since the “land of ten thousand lakes” formed, the influence of Masons can be found.

The Minnesota Masonic Historical Society and Museum (MMHSM) has collected and preserved rare Masonic artifacts and books over the years to educate future generations about the many contributions of Freemasonry. Built on the location of two decommissioned Minnesota Masonic Home buildings, the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center originally was conceived as a place to display the formidable collection curated by the MMHSM. That seed of an idea sprouted to become much more: a 50,000 SF, elegant venue that would serve as a community gathering space, a place where symphonies and performances could be held, meetings could be conducted, and that the larger public could embrace.

And so, in 2014, the design of the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center took shape. Much thought went into the elements of the building so that the entire structure would serve to encourage the interpretation of the history and philosophy of Freemasonry. In addition to the thought-provoking Masonic Museum and Library, architectural and ornamental touches throughout the Center were incorporated to transform the entire facility into a working tribute to Masonry while also providing an exceptional venue for the greater community.

Today, visitors are welcome to explore the Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center and its many amenities, to include a formal Masonic Lodge Room, meeting and event spaces, and the beautiful Gideon S. Ives Auditorium.