Donations & Outright Gifts

Your donations to Minnesota Masonic Charities of cash, credit card charges, matching gifts, personal property, real estate and in-kind donations allow us to put your contribution to work in the areas that need it most.

Of course, you are welcome to designate your generous contribution toward any of our philanthropic focus areas, ensuring your charitable interests are represented, or make a gift in honor of another individual. Please click on our “Donate” button. You’ll be directed to a web page that will ask you to indicate your area of interest and/or Memorial instructions (name and address of the individual you’d like to honor).

Areas of interest:
General support
Minnesota Masonic Home
Masonic Cancer Center
Masonic Children’s Hospital
Minnesota Masonic Heritage Center
Scottish Rite Childhood Language Disorders Clinic

MMC is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. Your gifts may be tax deductible or may even offer you income as well as savings on capital gains.

We now offer our contributors the ability to donate through recurring, automatic monthly payments! Click on the link below to get started or contact our Director of Development, John Schwietz, at 651.210.5240 and ask about how best to maximize the benefits of outright gifts.

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